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Yuva for VOTE @ 2009 Election

23 Jan

This year elections are going to be very crucial for India as well as for us. Current govt. has not done very well on many fronts like Terror, Mehangai,Job,Infrastructure and health. But has done pretty well in some fromts like Education,Agriculture,N-Deal and Internation Politics.

This time we Need A Change not just in govt but in us. We youth never participate in voting and the end result is we suffer on many issues which relates to us day and night.

Some young enthusiasts of the country are launching an awareness
campaign for the youth of India to make them learn the importance of
their vote.
They plan to start their first campaign on 26th of January 2009 in
Bangalore. Their main activity will involve helping people in getting    
their Voter ID cards
ready. Visit their site: http://www.iwillvote.in for more details.