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Thanks for giving me a Historic Day : Obama Wins

5 Nov

From childhood to this day I brought up reading great stories about great leaders. Leaders are born. I use to think what makes a history? After reading for years I realized that its leaders who create history. I always felt to go back into history and see how these leaders are being made what makes them to create history. Its nothing but a vision executed. Vision to change the world. Giving a dream, Dream of hope and change. Leaders who live up to these dreams and make them a reality creates a History.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Today is a day when I saw a historical day, Obama winning the 44th US president election. The first speech

after victory does not only moved the Americans but to me too. My eyes turned into tears with the story of a lady of 160 years old YES WE CAN. Every thing went good and every one happy and hopeful.

BUT I am still skeptical that can he deliver and stand up to the expectation of world. He has become president on such a time when every thing is in bad shape. World has hit the worst economic meltdown, All the Arab countries see Americans as their enemy, Russia is rising, India is growing young and World is growing older.

I congratulate Americans for giving me the Historical day but lets us join hands to transform this world into a better place to live and work together to make this history com true.


Great Team and Philosophy behind it

16 Oct

How many times have we heard of this word Team and another hypothetical word Team Spirit(its indeed a hypothesis if you can’t feel or understand it),may be few hundreds,may be few thousand,may be few million or may be more.Now whats so great about it?Well if you try analyzing journey of your life how many times did you find yourself in a group,which may happen being part of college football or basketball team,being a part of dance group,may be sharing a room in a hostel,moving forward to the most important point working in a organization.You will find most of the time you are working in a team or group rather than working alone.So it becomes more obvious for us to understand the essence of a team and working together we can achieve better results than summing up our individual efforts.It also help us upgrading ourselves from our current level to next higher level(which I believe should be the motto of every individual).Here I want to put some points as to how make a great team in any organization
1)Make a team of individuals who are different(in what sense?)When I mean different,it means they all should complement each other with each having unique ways of doing thing,with unique imagination(whats the benefit?)The benefit of doing this will if all of them are same then to tackle any problem or issues they will use the same way which all of us understand is not going to help in long run because in life you will not always find problems which are same or which you have tackled before they will always be different for that you will need out of box solution(now is it making sense?)
2)Make every individual in team as leaders with no followers(how absurd is that…..not its not…..rather very simple)Give every individual freedom in doing his/her work and make him/her own the project or module because by ownership it attaches responsibility with which comes more dedication and focus and the result nonetheless to say will be in simple term great!!!!
3)In the above line when I said freedom it denoted freedom to loose(oh i have gone crazy…..is it?)Now how many times we have stopped ourselves from doing something because we had a fear that we will loose or the result might be negative.I can bet many a times.Now why is that because we have made a comfort zone around ourselves and are happy within it,whenever we are asked to move into some unexplored territory away from our zone of comfort,fear creeps in why because of failure,rejection or whatever (words you want to put to signify negativity)Now if I remove that fear of loosing by giving you freedom to do things irrelevant of outcome,what will be result(just stretch your brain cells….you will get the answer)
4)Make a habit of congratulating excellent failures and removing the excitement of mediocre success within the team(howzzzat…)Well I believe in the philosophy that we don’t miss our goal because its too high but achieve it because its too low.So mediocre success are result of effort which was put to reach a goal which was not that far away.If a ordinary individual has put in extraordinary efforts to achieve some impossible goals(impossible in itself means I’m possible)then even if he fails his failure needs celebration because next time he is bound to succeed with results beyond imagination
5)In order to lead this team you need ……what good manager(naaaaah…..)able leaders who should lead from the front,who just doesn’t sit in the laurels that he has got team within him and his whole and soul purpose is to manage this people.A leader is one who sees a ray of light in end of the dark tunnel when all his team member have given to the darkness,who have the courage to stay calm and focused even if his team is perplexed.One who gives all the credit bestowed for success to his members and all the brickbats on himself in case of failures(high expectation from the manager……again i repeat leaders….they are not interchangeable)
6)Don’t make habit of doing a team meeting always inside a closed board room(it sucks…..)instead go for coffee or drink parties discuss your theory or creative ideas over there,as personally think your mind works the best when its free that doesn’t mean it cannot be free in a board room but the traditional way of those meetings are not very effective(according to me.)
7)Lastly never allow any individual to skip his meal or the evening coffee because he is too busy(not doing something which has urgency),because never try to work when your energy are low, always keep in mind that creativity is driven by stomach(who said so…..try doing something with empty stomach…..you can gauge your focus and imagination) so never starve yourself in the name of being busy instead try feeding yourself with the best food which you love then see the difference

Hmmm the monitor looks hazy ….why ? beacuse I am 7 pegs old and think am drunk and on 7th heaven so I will keep this article to this 7 points………..till then cheers

Women would make good Manager???

5 Oct

Being in corporate sector for quite some time and a eye to look around whats happening.One thing I find very mind-boggling is why we have so less women managers.Even if you look around why not many start up business have women as their head,why not many companies have CEO as women though the male:female ratio is as good or closer to 1:1

Well tough question and the discussion will be more tougher to be result-oriented but here I want to list down few points why women can make good managers or entrepreneurs

Disclaimer:These points have been inspired from Tom Peters and I agree to all of them

Indira Nooyi

Indira Nooyi


1)  Women make [all] the financial decisions.

2)Women control [all] the wealth.
3)  Women [substantially] outlive men.
4)  Women start most of the new businesses.
5)  Women’s work force participation rates have soared worldwide.
6)  Women are closing in on “same pay for same job.”
7)  Women are penetrating senior ranks rapidly  [even if the pace is slow for the corner office per se].
8)  Women’s leadership strengths are exceptionally well aligned with new organizational effectiveness
9)  Women are better salespersons than men.
10)  Women buy [almost] everything—commercial as well as consumer goods.

My request to all the women its high time you understand,appreciate and utilize your potential.

Now what exactly is the point of men?(You have a comments section)