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Movie crazy? Google movies will help you

25 Apr

Google has launched search movies and showtimings for indian theaters . Its big push as there is no good site in india available which helps you search show timings painlessly. And you know when its google it means it has to be simple and great. Its too good just check out Google Movies India

google movie


India Spends $13,000,000,000 on Education Abroad

27 Mar

I was going through a report in the Hindustan Times and was astonished to see that india spend US $13 Billion every year on abroad education. Its huge and I am skeptical that are we Indians living abroad are earning thirteen billion dollar of money each year. If not than its pretty clear that we all are chasing a dream of illusion which is being en cashed by these nation’s very well.

Here’s the text of that article — for the record. Continue reading