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Display advertisement meets Facebook fan page = Social Ad

26 Jan

Brand marketers spend $20 billion a year on display advertising. The goal? Drive brand recall and purchase intent. The medium? Pictures, text, and call-to-action buttons.
The first banner ad, for AT&T as seen below, hit the web in 1994:

The web has changed a lot since 1994, growing exponentially richer via broadband, APIs, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, but, in an odd disconnect, display ads stayed virtually unchanged over the years.

With the rise of Facebook and Virtually every company pushing itself to Facebook Fan page here is an idea which brings best of Facebook fan page news feed with banner ad.

The below prototype is built using Google Chrome Ad with Facebook Google Chrome Fan page news feed.

Google Chrome Ad prototype

The design elements in the ad are

1. The Real-Time Web: The rise of the real-time Web has impacted our day-to-day lives as well as the way business is conducted. Because of these live conversations, companies are no longer investing in “snap shots” of their brand, but rather in two-way conversations with their target audience. This requires a shift in regarding creative as something that is fixed for a one-time campaign, to something that is fluid, real-time and responsive. This is achieved by embedding these social elements – videos, Twitter feeds, surveys, blog posts, games – directly in the ad itself.

2. The Dynamic Ad Experience: Each time an ad loads, it can be programmed and adjusted based on observed behavior over the life of a campaign and consumers’ interaction with the unit, information known about a consumer, and other variables. In this way, ads become a set of programmable, adjustable configuration options that marketers can adjust in real-time based on performance, retargeting and analytic optimizations.

3. New Means for Measurement: There is also a shift in the conversation around what determines the success of an ad or entire campaign. While click-through rates have been regarded as the Holy Grail in gauging the success of display ad campaigns, engagement levels and time spent interacting with an ad now promise metrics that are richer, deeper and far more tangible assessments.

Check out the prototype of Real time social Ad here

Google Chrome Ad prototype