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Steve Jobs = US $500 Million

28 Mar

One of the best leaders of twentieths century is Steve Jobs, who is a technologist by mind and an artist by heart. He loves to build product which are not technically very good but are great by Design. One of his quotes that i love is “A Design is good when you want to lick it”. Every time he lauches a product it creates history why?

1. The products are revolutionary like

1980’s AppleII

1990’s iMac

2000 iPod

and latest iPhone

2. His obsession about his products added with his style and personality.

3. You’ve got to find what you love and he finds that and delivers it.

His launch of iPhone speech has been covered by all the medias across the world , on the other hand when vista was launched the Microsoft invested 500 million dollar for just advertisement.

Steve Jobs iPhone Launch Speech Part1

Steve Jobs iPhone Launch Speech Part2