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Display advertisement meets Facebook fan page = Social Ad

26 Jan

Brand marketers spend $20 billion a year on display advertising. The goal? Drive brand recall and purchase intent. The medium? Pictures, text, and call-to-action buttons.
The first banner ad, for AT&T as seen below, hit the web in 1994:

The web has changed a lot since 1994, growing exponentially richer via broadband, APIs, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, but, in an odd disconnect, display ads stayed virtually unchanged over the years.

With the rise of Facebook and Virtually every company pushing itself to Facebook Fan page here is an idea which brings best of Facebook fan page news feed with banner ad.

The below prototype is built using Google Chrome Ad with Facebook Google Chrome Fan page news feed.

Google Chrome Ad prototype

The design elements in the ad are

1. The Real-Time Web: The rise of the real-time Web has impacted our day-to-day lives as well as the way business is conducted. Because of these live conversations, companies are no longer investing in “snap shots” of their brand, but rather in two-way conversations with their target audience. This requires a shift in regarding creative as something that is fixed for a one-time campaign, to something that is fluid, real-time and responsive. This is achieved by embedding these social elements – videos, Twitter feeds, surveys, blog posts, games – directly in the ad itself.

2. The Dynamic Ad Experience: Each time an ad loads, it can be programmed and adjusted based on observed behavior over the life of a campaign and consumers’ interaction with the unit, information known about a consumer, and other variables. In this way, ads become a set of programmable, adjustable configuration options that marketers can adjust in real-time based on performance, retargeting and analytic optimizations.

3. New Means for Measurement: There is also a shift in the conversation around what determines the success of an ad or entire campaign. While click-through rates have been regarded as the Holy Grail in gauging the success of display ad campaigns, engagement levels and time spent interacting with an ad now promise metrics that are richer, deeper and far more tangible assessments.

Check out the prototype of Real time social Ad here

Google Chrome Ad prototype



Business Plan – iBand

13 Feb

Entreprenuerial Journey: It started when I was in final year at IITK . 2nd runner up in annual entrepreneurship contest “Megabucks’04” among 120 teams from India and abroad. It was a Business idea based on location specific value added services on mobile phones called iBand. We were a team of three people from IITK.

I thought I should share my B-Plan with you guys, it may help you guys in wiriting a good B-Plan.

Blackout 50,000+ Visits

31 Jan

I would like to thank all the readers for such a good response. Today we hit the landmark of 50K+ hits with 60 posts and 120 comments.

Me and Soubhagya sarted this blog 8 months back , thinking we have so many things to say and talk about lets take our thoughts and opinion to world and our journey of blogging started. We were never good at writing and never wrote a article ever. But each of your comments and visits made us write more and more.

I would love to share top three articles of our blog.

  1. Adobe + Flash product key’s
  2. Steve Jobs = US $500 Million 
  3. Get CAT 2008 Solution and Analysis

Top three articles we love

  1. Billions of entrepreneurs
  2. PseudoNationalism
  3. Drunken Philosophies

Thanks readers again.

Yuva for VOTE @ 2009 Election

23 Jan

This year elections are going to be very crucial for India as well as for us. Current govt. has not done very well on many fronts like Terror, Mehangai,Job,Infrastructure and health. But has done pretty well in some fromts like Education,Agriculture,N-Deal and Internation Politics.

This time we Need A Change not just in govt but in us. We youth never participate in voting and the end result is we suffer on many issues which relates to us day and night.

Some young enthusiasts of the country are launching an awareness
campaign for the youth of India to make them learn the importance of
their vote.
They plan to start their first campaign on 26th of January 2009 in
Bangalore. Their main activity will involve helping people in getting    
their Voter ID cards
ready. Visit their site: for more details.


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15 Jan

Check out this if you want to download original questions of gd-pi of various colleges from past students….

100 Question Bank of GD-PI of IIM Bangalore and Calcutta, IIM Indore, IIM Kozhikode, IIM Lucknow


100 Question Bank of GD-PI of XLRI, IITD, IITM, IIFT, GLIM, MS Ramaiah, KJ Somaiya, IRMA, IMT Ghaziabad

Download XAT 2009 Answer Key and Paper

4 Jan

Download XAT 2009 Answer Key and Paper
XAT 2009 Answer Key and Solution download from HERE.

Brand You

17 Dec

The current generation is the most privilege ones in the Indian history (believe it or not else try reading a bit about history) after independence, Who has got the most freedom ever, money to spend and Parents who are more like friends? This youth is living a life which is full of brands. They love to go for brands and a race to prove them selves superior. But deep inside their heart they are not driven by high esteem but by a low esteem dyeing to get attention by adopting the brands (this is very common) Other dimension in life where you can find this trend are– people saying I work for this company or I passed from this university before they say anything else why ? Again the reason is they try to attach the esteem or value of the company or the university to themselves (Next question what’s wrong? Nothing but you are missing a big point)

They forget that having branded products at their discretion or companies in their profile doesn’t makes one a branded person (necessarily…..though might be true) If I put it this way the brand which you are wearing (If you look good) or the company (you working for has great name in market) are privileged to have you because you are actually promoting them(take a minute to think on it).If you don’t look good in a Armani or work for Google but are a piece of bullshit then the reaction comes, now a days any crap works for Google or every asshole wears a Armani.Now take the other way round if you are looking great in Armani people will understand that oh people with great personality wear Armani or brilliant individuals work for Google

Brand Stands Out

Brand Stands Out

So the catch point is every one of us is a Brand in ourselves but it takes time and commitment to work continuously to build it. Building a “Brand You” gives you a sense of self achievement which last for longer or to say ever and makes you stand clear, unique and visible among the crowd with distinction of something different among the common individuals. How does it help take an example you work for a software company which is doing good no problem, now suppose trouble time starts, what happens.. you will be among the last to get fired because you have got a brand, something unique, you have made yourself visible in the company by adding value to the company or to say have become indespensable and in worst case you are laid off ,if you have become a brand then anyone will hire you .Didnot get it take ….take a example(for instance Levis Strauss has John Ibrahim as its model and for some reason they don’t need his services he can promote lee, flying machine any other brand as its not the clothes which is adding value to John but its John Ibrahim who is adding value to clothes)
How to build Brand You

1. Search for the best qualities you posses and hone them or sharpen them because they are your weapons. Moreover  there’s say if you want to win you should always play on your strength

2. Look for the opportunities or rather seize them, which can utilize your best qualities and make them visible with utmost clarity

3. Set high standards for your self as the greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it. So have high aspiration and keep upgrading them as you move on in life.

4. Live with the values you believe in at any cost because a successful person is not the one who does what’s convenient but is the one who does what’s right.  If you know its right you are fearless and you succeed in whatever you do and you are respected everywhere.

5. Every success in your life will make your next goal in life gets clearer and every failure will make you think again to set new goals or reset old one.

6. Participate in contributing back to the society in any form (This should be the aim of every living individual at any cost or else your life has just gone waste)