Thanks for giving me a Historic Day : Obama Wins

5 Nov

From childhood to this day I brought up reading great stories about great leaders. Leaders are born. I use to think what makes a history? After reading for years I realized that its leaders who create history. I always felt to go back into history and see how these leaders are being made what makes them to create history. Its nothing but a vision executed. Vision to change the world. Giving a dream, Dream of hope and change. Leaders who live up to these dreams and make them a reality creates a History.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Today is a day when I saw a historical day, Obama winning the 44th US president election. The first speech

after victory does not only moved the Americans but to me too. My eyes turned into tears with the story of a lady of 160 years old YES WE CAN. Every thing went good and every one happy and hopeful.

BUT I am still skeptical that can he deliver and stand up to the expectation of world. He has become president on such a time when every thing is in bad shape. World has hit the worst economic meltdown, All the Arab countries see Americans as their enemy, Russia is rising, India is growing young and World is growing older.

I congratulate Americans for giving me the Historical day but lets us join hands to transform this world into a better place to live and work together to make this history com true.


One Response to “Thanks for giving me a Historic Day : Obama Wins”

  1. veteranstillserving November 17, 2008 at 6:56 am #

    I am so sorry to tell you, that your happiness will be short lived. Obama knows nothing about his job, just a dream, but has been put into this office by evil intent. The only hope he will bring to this nation is the Judgement of Almighty God, which is long overdue. Not trying to bash you, just telling the truth, which hasn’t been heard since liberal democrats took office. If you would like to know the whole truth, follow my blog at veteran still serving. Watchman

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