Meeting—Debate vs Discussion

5 Sep

Debate vs discussion

I have been in this fancy world called corporate sector(it’s still a fancy for me) for quite a while now and had been attending countless number of meetings in the name of discussion.
When I tried to analyze what did those x number people investing y number of hours(all together investing xy manhours)in the name of discussion achieve?


Most of the time its just a meeting (where people meet who knows they cannot do anything alone and together decides nothing can be done…..ahhh 100% vote and democracy prevails) ,

Sometimes when every individual has equal rights to speak (most of the time its the manager or so called leaders have it implicitly) and if each one is vocal enough to speak(again most of them prefer to be silent) it turns to be a debate and

Very rarely there is some genuine or healthy(as I want to put) discussion which happens, in order to set path which will help us achieve our goal and that’s the reason I believe we have something known as agenda(or to say Goal) for the discussion
Now as I moved further in this unexplored path where have I never been earlier one question popped up(like we have in our present web portals…arrg they suck ….but unexpectedly this didn’t) what’s the difference between a debate and a discussion

whats a debate and a discussion?

If I try to put it in my words(hopefully you will agree if not, we can debate or discuss as you want since my name is present beneath…..but read thy’s name only if you like the article)

Debate: To engage in argument by negating or opposing each others  points.
Discussion: The act of considering,understanding,examining,commenting each others points and then exploring for a reasonable or to say the best solution together.

As I put it, every individual are in some frame where he/she think and understands that he/she(hmmm she thinks and understands, big doubt….ohhh the sandals are coming….polite request one by one please) is correct. Sometimes we are in same frame and sometimes not,so when we are not in the same frame we try to prove each other wrong by negating each others points which one has put in order to support one’s views.Here is where debate starts….

But on contrary when we discuss, we try to move in each others  frame and try to understand everyone’s views,their reasoning and thinking and then together decide which frame is best suited for us(in order to achieve our goals or agenda) or is there any other frame from whose reference point all or the most frame looks similar or alike(got bored with these frames….still continue as you never know when i can tell some words of wisdom)

How to turn a debate into discussion

Every individual or person is unique and got a thinking process from which he/she derives his/her views .The traditional way of thinking as we more or less do (applicable to me too……naaaah just trying to be humble) is adversarial in nature where we define or draw line between whats right and wrong,then take our stand and try attacking the view of individuals on the other side with arguments which again most of the time accompanied with or sourced from ego( According to chanakya its  the start of individuals downfall when ego creeps in) .That’s where debate starts.It has some benefits as sometimes you can understand vulnerability in your stand and be more prepared before you take your stand next time.But have we ever thought of constructive thinking,where we try understand everyone’s point,with a question in individuals mind as what it should be? or can be? rather than what it is?Because most of the time we are not sure what it is and there fore we meet in order to find it out.That’s the way we can move from debate mode to discussion mode and find out a fruitful result

Be clear beforehand you are going for a debate or a discussion

Well I honestly think when ever we meet we should be clear about our goal and the abstract path we want to take and be prepared for discussion then only we would be able to achieve the desired result.
If you meet for a debate then just be sure where your stand is(abstractness wont work here) and if you are not clear about path then try be proactive in understanding every one’s views through constructive thinking and get involved in a discussion.

Well I believe if you follow this path every meeting will be a successful one and next time there will not be a dumbo who has to write something like this this is all I want to say(Thanks for bearing me)

Disclaimer:This article is purely fictional and doesn’t bear any resemblance to,not even inspired by ,any group in any company,functional or obsolete 🙂


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