How to build your inhouse magazine.

23 Aug

Hello guys.. I know I have not posted for long time. Actually i was quite bussy in designing  a magazine for IDS. I would love to share with you all.

Steps to make Magazine

1. Good design and color sense.

2. Pictures from Flickr.

3. Adobe Photoshop.

4. Adobe Illustrator.

5. Adobe Indesign.

6. Good content.


One Response to “How to build your inhouse magazine.”

  1. tutorial photoshop August 25, 2008 at 7:59 pm #

    1. Scalability: Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Set up to handle only that which will fit comfortably onto a tabletop. Once you leave the realm of objects larger than about 2-feet cube you’re asking for trouble or a huge expense in equipment.

    For many of our clients who manufacture small objects the tabletop is perfect. For larger objects, furniture, people, automobiles and elephants we urge you to hire a professional, you won’t be sorry.

    2. Plan to be mobile. You won’t want the rig hanging around all the time — unless you have hundreds of shots to do. We’ve used hooks and various pulleys attached to the ceiling over our 4′ x 8′ work table as the staging area. Lights, reflectors, and tents can all be suspended and adjusted from the ceiling.

    3. Test, test, test. (Then go back and test again!) Let me make a sober note at this point. From the first shot in your new in-house photo studio keep a notebook. Note the object, its distance from the backdrop, where the lights are and what combinations of reflectors you used. This info will come in very handy once your name gets around and the big clients start knocking on your door.

    4. Lighting is everything: Repeat after me: “Lighting is everything.” With the right lighting even some of the lower cost cameras will do a surprising job. Say it again: “Lighting is everything.”

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