Indian youtube for Desi Janta

5 Apr

After the huge success of youtube and being aquired by google for 2.4Billion dollar, lots of indian startups are coming on same domain to make it big like youtube. Not sure if any one can become as big as youtube but definately some of the companies would give birth to focused content for desi junta .

I have compiled a list youtube clones for desi content with there alexa ranking.. : 8,407 : 62,078 : 67,576 : 77,517 : 93,864 : 108,342 : 167,170 : 210,495 : 332,292 : 411,612 : 434,736 : 471,324 : 476,685 : 537,556 : 568,903 : 918,255 : 952,068 : 1,110,983 : 1,696,130 : 2,297,228 : 3470,560


6 Responses to “Indian youtube for Desi Janta”

  1. recycled rust April 5, 2008 at 2:17 pm #

    All these asshole sites just recycling the content from 1st handers like Youtube.First timer internet tom and joes think they are original.

    PS:who have the BANDWIDTH in India to watch all these.It’s a big JOKE.

  2. Manish Singh April 5, 2008 at 7:52 pm #

    i totally agree with it, but there always a good possibility when you work for niche market. May be in the starting they are simply copying the content but once they will find the audience there may good amount of content for local junta. I hope they succeed in that.

  3. recycled rust April 6, 2008 at 9:44 am #

    Internet businesses are built around community participation and in this case the site owner laboring and some LOUSY fellows are turning up.

    I still wonder which is the best internet business model in countries like India as people still heavily depends on TV and news papers for information.Internet is seen as luxurious hobby in countries like India and people still not realizing what a great info. it can provide.Only JOB sites,PORN sites have biggest internet audience in INDIA.Fucking celebs are more than GOD for many assholes.

    Every now and then I read JOKES like BSNL,Reliance investing in IPTV,MOBILE TV,WIMAX.All these are flop technologies in western world and those guys trying to rape poor indians for money.

    Conclusion of my comments:
    Most people here live in HYPE and get excited about them.Reality is bitter than bitterest.

  4. Manish Singh April 6, 2008 at 5:17 pm #

    recycled rust,
    I got what exactly you are trying to covey … but let me tell few things about india. Indians love great technology but it should be in reach to all Indians in a cost effective manner. If you see in India till late 2000 there were only 5million land line phones and it was seen as some elite because it was very costly first, than getting it also takes around 2years. But when mobile came it took only 5 years to reach 50Million. If you talk about internet …. it is still very expensive and getting is hell pain in India. so where would people go for entertainment obviously television which is cheap and easily available. And let me tell you one more thing any technology in any country is being first exploited Only for Entertainment then its being used for other purposes. So same is the case in India.
    What technology will succeed totally depends on what people want and how people will use that technology. May be IPTV,WIMAX etc failed in US or Europe it may succeed in India. India is culturally, economically, population and geographically very different from other countries. So say that these flopped technologies would not succeed. You jump to conclusion very fast. Let these companies try it., and if it fails obviously new technologies would be experimented in India.

  5. recycled rust April 7, 2008 at 12:41 pm #

    Few Corrections and explanations.
    *Necessity creates technology not Entertainment.
    *Why Mobile phone become hit in India?It is only after the entry level phone prices came down and Nokias and Motos realized western markets saturated in terms of shipments.
    *Why WiMax won’t be hit?Because India lacks PC penetration and WiMax meant for rural and remote areas which is self stating why it won’t take off.In Metro cities already wired infrastructure is deployed significantly.So, a WiMax connection may not be viable alternative even from reliablity point of view(Because WiMax sucks during rainy seasons like satellite Dish TVs).
    *Why IPTV sucks?Because it needs huge bandwidth something which India can’t offer now.In simplest terms IPTV means, first TV signal comes to your Telco and your Telco will tailor the content according to your needs on demand basis.Recently Reliance paid $500mn to Microsoft for IPTV software.That’s a huge money which doesn’t have any value.
    *Why Mobile TV won’t take off in India?Tell me how many Mobile Phone models in India support this feature.May be 100 or 200 people may have the mobile phones which supports this feature.My argument is why should we invest in such technology which doesn’t have strong eco-system first.IT’S ABSOLUTELY STUPID INVESTMENT.

    We need technologies that serve everybody’s purpose.We don’t need fancy technologies.Many people in this country still haven’t felt the need badly.Technologies happens when people feel the need.

  6. Indian audio August 18, 2009 at 5:08 pm #

    There are lots of Indian sites serving for video download and sharing. Not only youtube like or following sites but also there are lots of sites with unique idea.

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