How to bridge the distance between business strategy and design

31 Mar

Its a ppt presentation…. just click on the next button to view the next slide at the bottom of this presentation.


One Response to “How to bridge the distance between business strategy and design”

  1. Kundojjala March 31, 2008 at 7:50 pm #

    The guy who faces so many problems often, emerges as a thinker and creator.

    Recently i had a tough time dealing with lifting call on my friend’s Sony ericsson Mobile.There were some cluster of crap buttons there and no sign of green and red buttons which would have made my job easy.I also had tough time dealing with set-top box remote and I can’t imagine how an house wife can handle such crap technology.

    Let me give you an example of medicines and expiry dates drama.The moment you remove the tablets where expiry date is written,you will never know whether to consume remaining ones or not.What a tragic design.One solution could be writing it self on tablet in the form MM/YY or building a better package.Potential problem is what if tablet is too little???

    Take another example of SIM/memory cards and batteries arrangement in most electronics equipment.Without removing one you can’t remove another.

    One more example and something which i am looking for.Why can’t i use my notebook computer like just browsing device without booting into an operating system.I know some notebook computers can be used as media players where booting is not required.Why can’t be web browsing which is the sole purpose for many?? May be shipping small size OS like Linux/symbian along with bloatware must be a good idea.

    How many websites in countries like India are optimized for crap bandwidth users get.Do the internet companies in these countries even think this for a second??I can list many examples like this.

    consumers are stupid enough to accept all the non-sense??hmm…’MAY BE’

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