World of failed people..

25 Mar

In the world of competition we all fail some where in our lives. If we look at stats we will find that 99.99 percent of people have failed at least once in their lives. Why we fail….how we failed..what will happen next?? are the questions which keeps us haunting all our lives. As we grow up this society throws us in the world where we are bound to fail, some people fail in classes, some in schools, some in colleges, some in competition, some in marriages and some in relationships. But why are we failing all the time its because all the time we tend fit in the system which is not meant for us or which can only produce less then 1 percent successful people and we lie in the rest 99 percent. If thats the case why such system exists and why no one complains about changing such system. Actually each one of us are unique system in ourselves where we are number one but only few of such system exists in the society which are being lobbied by few powerful people who are number one in the same system and expects other to follow that system else fail to live with the system.

This is just an introduction about failing. I will be adding more thoughts to it later.


One Response to “World of failed people..”

  1. Amit March 25, 2008 at 3:53 pm #

    Love to hear more about on failing…..

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